CMM-TV: Video Blog 1

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My first video blog. I’d like to initiate something I call “CMM-TV” which will consist of a little less formal or “high production” filming by yours truly. With that said, I’m not an amazing editor but that’s to be expected using just some basic tools. Hope you all enjoy. Stay tuned for more and please continue to donate to our kickstarter and on our website.

The People I’ve Met

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   Culminated happenings and happenstance circumstances are the ways I would describe the venture I’m about to embark on. I know it’s been quite some time since I last blogged. For me writing needs to be felt, not produced, which is why I’m so few and far between entries.
-Where I Left Off-
    Two therapy sessions ago I had just recently gotten back into seeing my therapist regularly. I parted ways with him after the winter months for no other reason than figuring I would just try things on my own for a while. I had been changing, moving on from the winter months and the issues that plagued me for what felt like an eternity. New and old relationships had begun blossoming and the spring months were a platform for what was to come. An idea of bettering myself had grown in the back of my mind during the Spring. Working had come back into my life and realizing once again that working for someone else is just not the way to live your life (or at least mine), My cousin Ryan and I started our own business. Inglorious hard work is needed everywhere, and after putting creative dreams and aspirations on the back burner, we decided to begin a Landscaping, Mowing, Beach Cleaning and Window Washing business.

My Story

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   If you’ve found yourself here, at this blog, I’d like to first thank you for taking the time out of your life’s work to read about and possibly understand my life as it’s come to be. Let me first explain that in the following story I’m going to tell you, everything I know to be true about myself and the experiences in my short life will be expressed. This will include every person who’s ever been in my life for a significant reason and how that person and our experiences have shaped my being.