Meet the Team
  • Call Me Mental is a collaboration between artists and clinicians, changing the attitude toward mental illness.

    Our videos and podcasts are unveiling the naked truth hiding behind a stigma: Mental illness is extremely common and can affect anyone … your niece, brother, grandmother, or even yourself.

    The people featured on this website are hoping their stories will help create a positive discussion on mental illness.

    Call Me Mental is more than a video, more than a podcast, and more than a website. It’s a movement that is only possible with your support.

    Be the movement.

    Share your story, encourage open dialogue, and donate to keep this project moving.

  • Call Me Mental is a collaboration between the Human Development Center and Lola Visuals.

    More information about the team members coming soon!

  • Your donations make this project possible and are tax deductible.

    1. Visit the Human Development Center’s donation page:
    2. Choose an amount to give.
    3. Designate the “Call Me Mental” project on the drop down tab.

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  • info@callmemental.com